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  • Advanced Shears

    You will find here all The Washi Advanced Shear collection.

    The Washi Advanced Shear collection is made from the highest

    quality steel. Select between ULTIMATE, MASTER, or

    PERFORMANCE shears to find the right shear for you

  • Matching Sets

    Washi's Matching sets are masterfully crafted from forged Japanese steel. These includes 2,3 or 4 piece shear sets. Shears feature convex edges, Japanese Hamaguri Blades, curved shears, grooved teeth shears, thinning and texturing shears and more! Feel the comfort of a bent thumb ring, lower finger rest and Washi's anti-push edge technology.

  • Swivel Shears

    Washi's Single Swivel Shears, Double Swivel Shears and Titanium Colored Swivels give you a new level of comfort. The double swivel allows you to cut vertically or diagonally with less stress. Choose from one of the best 3 hole swivel hair shears, a healthier alternative to a conventional shear. Add to your collection an attractive titanium colored swivel shear with semi-convex edges. Feel comfortable with a rotating thumb shear which can relieve wrist fatigue, thumb stress and is great for carpel tunnel issues.

  • Thinning & Texture

    Appreciate superior quality double thinners, blending and texture shears with grooved teeth or hand cut teeth. Add dimension, create volume or remove weight to the hair style. Perform start to finish an awesome haircut with texture shears.

  • Left Handed Shears

    Washi's left handed shears give you a natural cutting experience. These lefty shears feature convex edges, unique thumb rest and rotating thumb shears. Made from Japanese Steel for durability that will last longer.

  • Value Shears & Sets

    Save money with our special package deals! Get discounts on some of the best quality shears including the Official DENNIS STOKELY shear, titanium finished shears and other economical shears. All shears are made from Japanese Steel for quality performance.

  • Accessories

    Get your tools organized in style, keep your shears in good working order with Washi's Accessories. Professional 9 piece comb set, original scissor bracelet, buy one get one free razor blades, finger sizing rings and many more shear accessories to choose from.